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Staffing problems are hitting everybody. In the entire United States, it seems like the worst problem. Everybody has a hard time keeping up.

Staffing issues in healthcare

Indeed, within healthcare, we see that quite a bit in part, I think, because we had such a slowdown last year during the pandemic, and everything that was elective got put off. Even some things that weren’t elective, I think, got put off. Suddenly, by December-January, the entire healthcare industry was getting completely overwhelmed. 

Further, we’ve seen many situations now where billing departments don’t have enough staff to handle everything. They’re looking for billers. In addition, they’re looking for collectors. And they can’t find good enough people fast enough and staff up and manage all of it.

How do you meet staffing quotas?

The world’s still going crazy for all kinds of reasons now (this too). But since everybody’s back up to pre-pandemic levels or above, that means, and you can’t get enough people, what are you supposed to do? So your options are the following. You can’t take on new clients if you’re a billing company. You can’t see as many patients, perhaps, if you are a healthcare provider. 

On the other hand, you keep on seeing the crazy level of patients, and you get lousy revenue cycle management performance, meaning you don’t collect as much money, your AR balloons, so you’ve got all the kinds of problems. Those aren’t great options. Any of them. All of them involve lost revenue: either you’re turning away business or not collecting off the business that you’re doing, all of which is bad.

Optimize your current resources

If you’re having a hard time staffing, one of the solutions, of course, is to get more out of the people that you already have. One of the ways that you can do that is when you have a denials management application. 

Now, whether it’s our application or somebody else, consider the concept of “Let’s invest in some productivity tools.” So you would spend some money to hire on staff and bring in more people. Maybe, consider buying somebody’s application, denials management app. We have a free beta trial if you’re going to try our product. So consider investing in this area of your business.

Use the right tools

Indeed, so far, we’ve seen a real improvement in terms of productivity, meaning payment posters are getting more done per hour, collectors are doing more appeals or following up on more claims, coders can do more work, more documents are obtained, things like that. 

Thus, if you get more per hour out of your employees, it’s the equivalent of hiring more employees. It’s actually better than hiring more employees if you can accomplish that because you don’t have the added cost of all those employees when you get more output per employee.

To summarize

Consider trying denials management software. If you are interested in giving it a try or even just learning more about the experience that billing companies have had and healthcare providers who are using the beta copy, what they’ve accomplished, let us know. My email address is