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I wanted to make our listeners aware of the fact that we have a few new products that are in beta testing. We are offering those out to a limited number of companies, and there are still a few slots left. If you are interested in taking advantage of any of these, don’t hesitate to contact us.

In addition to the denials management module, which we referenced in a recent podcast, an ETL, or essentially a data extraction module, feeds into that. So if you are a participant in the denials management module, you’ll also get the ETL module. That ETL module means that we help extract information out of your systems. We do that to be able to feed it to those other modules. 

However, given the fact that we have to do that, in the first place, you get the benefits of that as well because one of the challenges, obviously, with a lot of systems (billing systems, practice management systems, hospital systems) is, the data is frequently buried. It’s inaccessible. There are formatting problems, all kinds of stuff.

Denials are a great example where that’s the case, where you may have charge information coming out of one file type, and you may have 835 somewhere else. The data is buried there and not easily accessible. 

You can look at individual records, but you really can’t aggregate all these things and run an analysis that says, “Okay, we want to know everything that’s happening with CO109, so at this particular insurance company.” Our ETL module does that. It extracts all that information and loads that into a centralized database, or, in case of giving it back to clients, drops it in a flat file, or we can do a few other formats back to people.

I want to make sure that you’re aware that we have this denials management module, and we have the ETL module that comes along with it. If you’re looking to be a beta client and want to test one of these systems out at no cost, please contact us. 

My email address is Please refer to contact us and let us know if you’re just one of these, and we can help you solve a bunch of problems by giving you access to information about what’s happening in your practice or your billing company with all of that data. It’ll make your life a lot fewer headaches and a lot less work to extract and clean up all that information because it can be pretty messy.

Often, it’s in separate locations or different files, different reports. They don’t tie out. They don’t match up to each other. One of those things we do for denials management, for example, is that when we do the ETL, we then combine the records from the charges to the denials, so you can see all that information tied out and together.

Let us know if you’re interested. Thanks!