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Now is an excellent time for analytics. This is a period of pandemic where everybody’s locked down. We’re spending so much time separated inside. It’s a good time for reflection, where volumes are down at a lot of locations. We’re still not fully passed. Again, it depends on where you are in the country, what type of facility you are, and things like that.

Analyze what you are doing

Now’s a good time to take a step back and look at what we’re doing. In the time of coronavirus, if there is a silver lining, it’s perhaps that we have more time to do some of the things we wouldn’t otherwise do. That may include taking a look at the data and doing some analysis to identify what are some of the major issues that are going on that we may not have known about.

Or perhaps, there’s some prioritization that we could create because we find that something is a bigger problem than we anticipated, or something we thought wasn’t a big problem is a much larger problem.

Or we essentially use this time to put in place the infrastructure so that when things get crazy again, in terms of volumes picking back up and going back to normal, that we’ve built the foundation to be able to do that.

Or we have all the analytics programs built and tested out. Essentially, the data is just flowing through. You can use those analytics to make better decisions rather than spending the time trying to create it because there is so much effort and time that has to go into building it that, often, nobody ever has an opportunity to make that investment. You don’t get the benefit on the other end.

Blessing in disguise

If there’s a silver lining to all of this madness, maybe, it’s that we get a chance to do some things that we wouldn’t otherwise do. That certainly has been the case for us. We’ve been able to invest in some things that we weren’t otherwise able to do. We’re taking the opportunity, and we encourage you to do the same and hope you do so.

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