Pricing for the CLFS is set to change in the most significant way for laboratories in probably several decades.  Pricing is governed by Section 216 of the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014, also known as PAMA.

The law essentially required CMS to collect data on all of the clinical laboratory transactions for everything from clinical lab to genomics and analyze it.  The data is then used to determine a median pricing and this is what becomes the new laboratory fee schedule.  There is a maximum allowable drop in reimbursement of 10% per year, so the max it can drop each year for the next three years is 10%, although this can be quite large cumulatively.

We have uploaded a copy of the proposed pricing from Medicare here:

2018 CMS Proposed Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule PAMA

The proposed laboratory fee schedule is open to public comment through October 23, 2017.  CMS will issue its final ruling on the CLFS later this year.

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