At Apache Health we often get questions about orthopedic billing.  We will post answers to some of these questions periodically on our blog.


Can an orthopedic surgeon bill for orthotic management and training?  The short answer is “No”.

It must be billed as part of physical therapy, by a physical therapist, under the care of physical therapist.  So if your orthopedic surgery practice has occupational therapy / physical therapy in the practice, then of course you can provide and bill for this service.


Following are the codes:


CPT 97760 – Orthotic(s) management and training (including assessment and fitting when not otherwise reported), upper extremity(s), lower extremity(s) and/or trunk, each 15 minutes –

Medicare allowable – $43*


CPT 97761 – Prosthetic training, upper and/or lower extremity(s), each 15 minutes – Medicare allowable – $37*


CPT 97762 – Checkout for orthotic/prosthetic use, established patient, each 15 minutes – Average Fee amount – Medicare allowable – $56*


*2017 Medicare fee schedule for Loc 18; please contact us for the fee schedule for your locality

Source: AMA and CMS


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