Most frequent denials. Following are the top 5 orthopedic billing claim denials by CPT code:

•    99213: Outpatient doctor visit, level 3
•    20610: Aspiration and/or injections; major joint or bursa
•    99203: Outpatient doctor visit, new patient, level 3
•    99214: Outpatient doctor visit, level 4
•    97110: Therapeutic exercises

The top 5 denial codes from the payers for orthopedic billing include:

•    45: Charge exceeds fee schedule
•    23: Prior payer(s) adjudication affected this payment and/or adjustment
•    18: Duplicate claim/service
•    59: Processed based on multiple or concurrent procedure rules
•    223: Mandated adjustment code when other code not applicable

What can you do about these?

Collect and analyze your data to determine your top denials.  Identify the root cause of all denial patterns, then develop processes to prevent these denials from occurring again.

Top solutions to denial problems include:

  • Coding audits and ongoing training
  • Eligibility verification processes
  • Utilizing a billing company that specializes in orthopedic billing


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